Our History


A Brief History

Membership In The Presbyterian Church fluctuated Between 8 And 25 from 1892—1900. A series of pastors served the church between 1896 And 1898 when W.J. Bone persuaded the national church to continue its support of the Wenatchee church. It was reverend Bone who hung the tower bell. There was no permanent pastor from 1903 To 1905. By 1917, church membership had grown to 387.

In January of 1962, The Wenatchee Daily World newspaper announced that the Presbyterian "Pioneer Church" was holding its last two Sunday services before being torn down. But its bell has followed construction of each new edifice since it was first retrieved from an old steamboat. This same bell now rings from the tower of today's Saddlerock EPC campus.

 Historical Overview of Saddlerock EPC Church

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