Memorial Garden

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Memorial Garden

For centuries, remains of loved ones were placed in cemeteries located near the churches. As automobiles became available, space for parking hindered this practice. As a result, during construction of our new church, a site immediately west of the narthex was reserved for a Memorial Garden. This setting provides a place of solitude and beauty as well as a repository for the remains of departed members. The proximity to the activities of the church will prolong the memory of departed members and is an expression of our Christian faith.

There are one-hundred-forty-one niches each designed to accommodate two urns. Each will be sealed with granite tiles bearing appropriate information. There is a provision for plaques, should someone wish to memorialize a loved one who may be inurned elsewhere.

A permanent endowment fund has been established in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington and is under the management of the Church Finance Commission. Earnings from this fund will be used for maintenance of the Memorial Garden.

You are encouraged to consider providing a final resting place in this location which will continue the memory of loved ones in an environment dedicated to the Glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Just A Reminder...

As the seasons come and go, so too do the flowers in our home gardens. Even the Niche flowers on the wall in our Memorial Garden need to be freshened or replaced. Please check on your placements occasionally.

Cheryl Butcher -Memorial Gardens

The Memorial Garden is made possible by a gift from the Steward family. It is their hope that this garden will be a place for meditation, reflection, comfort and prayer.

Niche Reservation Costs: Each niche will accommodate two urns. Selection of specific niches will be on a first come, first choice basis. 

Fee is $2,500 plus a 10% State required Assessment $250

Total $2,750*

At the time of interment, there will be an opening, closing and engraving fee of $250. Urns and vases will be furnished by the church. Niches may be reserved by paying the fee in full. The fee for a plaque is $250.

* Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

- For More Information -

Cheryl Butcher, 662-5554 or Church Office, 663-1187