Global Missions

Welcome to our Saddlerock Global Missions web page. We wish to introduce you here to the missionaries supported by this church.

The Global Missions Team seeks especially to identify and assist qualified missionaries who will bring the Gospel to the unreached, unchurched peoples of the world who have little or no exposure to Christianity.  We believe this task should include involvement of the congregation, sharing the love of God by helping to meet the needs of our missionaries and aid church planting.

We encourage you to meet with any of our Global Missions team members for questions you may have about the work of our missionaries, or how best to connect with them.

About Global Missions

The SEPC Global Missions Team seeks “to identify and assist qualified missionaries to bring the gospel to the unreached, unchurched,  not engaged people of the world”.

We have learned that the emotional, relational, and spiritual support of missionaries is critical to their ability to remain in the field for effective ministry and evangelism. To that end, we try to arrange for our missionaries to speak to, meet, and connect with members of our church.

Fifteen missionary couples around the world currently receive partial financial help from SEPC. A map of their locations can be found in either the church hallway or narthex.

In 2017 a week long youth mission trip on the Yakama Indian Reservation took place, as well as an AWANA Missions Connection event. We were blessed by personal worship service visits from the Morgans (Bangladesh), the Migas (Maylasia), the Robinsons (Mauritania), the Madanys (Seattle/Somalia), the Stagges (Tanzania), and the Potters (Denver/Asia).

We hope, for 2018 many more at Saddlerock will come to learn of, personally connect with, and pray regularly for, one or more of our missionaries. In this way, every one of us can positively help to advance the reach of the gospel to people in desperate need.

Having a few new members on the Global Missions Team would be great. If interested, or to just share a good idea, please contact any of our team.


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