Brett & Christine Butcher

CRU 07-2019

We have been serving with Cru since January of 2003. Our first 4 years were spent in college campus ministry in Oregon (Brett) and Illinois (Christine). Prior to serving in the Campus ministry, Christine also served in France for two years with Cru. In 2007 both of us transitioned to the International Headquarters in Orlando, FL where we met and married. Both of us have a passion to see our missionaries flourish in the field where they can share Christ with the world. A simple summary that Brett has been using lately to help explain our ministry is,

"We're missionaries that help keep other missionaries on mission."

Brett is on the US Staff Care team that oversees the growth, development, and care of Cru missionaries for all United States ministries in Cru. He works on a variety of special projects that impact the culture of Cru and enable our missionaries to flourish in the field. He also is the director for Cru's Lake Hart Stint program, an 11-month resident program at our world headquarters that seeks to refresh and develop missionaries in transition and help them find their next best steps in following Jesus. Brett attended Central Washington University where he studied Geology.

Christine's primary ministry is to our kids Max, Mia, and Koen and serves with the Lake Hart Stint team as she is able. Christine speaks French and German fluently. She spent two years serving overseas in France with Cru. She studied French international trade in college at Auburn University.

As we reflect on our years with Cru (Christine since 2001, Brett since 2003), we are humbled by how God has provided for our needs through friends like you. Our salary, benefits and personal ministry expenses are met through your generosity.

Thank you for making our work possible with your gifts and prayers. It is a joy and privilege to serve God with you.